we put the ‘digital’ in corporate reporting.

From creative concept to go-live, our project managers accompany you with true skills and lots of passion for online reporting. We consult, we design, we develop. And we always go the extra mile for our clients.


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Are you looking for a way to present your corporate information online? Good, because that’s exactly what we focus on. More than ten years of experience in online reporting makes us experts in creating a suitable concept for your annual and sustainability report. We provide a consulting role to help you adapt your corporate messages for a digital audience. Our multidisciplinary team brings in a holistic view and takes you on a long-term journey into the future of corporate reporting.

While the interest in hard-cover reports is decreasing year by year, the usage of their web counterparts is picking up. However, stories need to be told differently for online readers and converting content from print to online will always involve compromises on web accessibility. With the shifting preferences of your readers it’s time to take a step back and rethink the strategy. Summing up our vision and our approach, we are convinced that the future of reporting will be online first.

We believe good design meets the style of the client and at the same time offers an intuitive experience. For online reports, the provided information is always the most important, so the content must be easily accessible and well-structured. At the same time, there are no limits to design possibilities and creative ideas, e.g. for the image section of a report.

Developing a new design always means a close relationship between concept, design and HTML. This ensures that the resulting online report not only looks good, but meets all web-specific requirements – such as SEO, accessibility standards and responsive design. The web is in every sense an ever-evolving medium, therefore it is important to remain observant when it comes to new trends and developments in web design.


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Is that all we have to tell you? Of course not. We have a lot more to offer, but what’s the point of making a huge list?

Rather than just showing you, we want to explain our approach and develop an individual solution for your online reporting needs. We ask the right questions, and we listen to learn more about your interests and goals. Tell us about your challenges, your experiences, your views. We believe that only an open dialogue ensures mutual understanding.

Let’s talk.

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Everybody wants to make a good first impression. We make sure your corporate report does too. Statistics repeatedly confirm the steady increase of mobile internet usage. What kind of mobile devices are used? It really doesn’t matter, if you consider all of them.

Without optimisation, viewing websites requires tedious zooming and panning. For a responsive online report, we build a layout that is suitable for all screen sizes and devices. The navigation menu is simplified, tables are adapted and images, graphics and texts adjust automatically to the size of the display. Our optimisation process is based on the latest web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The web provides a lot of opportunities to tell your story. As digital strategists we know how to use them for your corporate report. Annual and sustainability reports consist of a unique content mix of image-based storytelling and regulated data-driven facts. With our skills and tools, we transform these into an interactive and engaging user experience.

Take our chart generator as an example: Tabular data and numbers become more comprehensible when users are encouraged to interact with the information. Selectable key figures and time periods let the users shape their own charts and the option to index the starting point makes them easily comparable. Whatever the tool, we want users to take action. Interactive features must not only be a visual enhancement, they must also provide additional value.


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