we say online first.

Content that is intended for the web, needs to be composed for the web. To ensure the best accessibility for your report, we consider the online version first.

One source, several formats.

Online First is a multi-channel publishing system that fits all needs. Following this approach, various report formats can be generated at the push of a button.

The Solvay 2016 Annual Integrated Report

Online First: the fully responsive Solvay 2016 Annual Integrated Report

We’ve made it our job to convert corporate reports from a print format to an appealing web version. However, with the steady rise of online users and a decrease in print runs, it is time to rethink this approach. In our vision of Online First, we do not exclude the possibility of creating other report formats, but we consider the web channel to be at the forefront in reporting standards.

The Solvay 2016 Annual Integrated Report

Optimised for various media channels: the Online First PDF is generated from the online CMS

Our goal is to make the reporting process as simple as possible for you. Instead of converting content from ready-to-print documents to HTML, the development starts online. During both report conception and content creation, focus is always placed on what works best on screen. Our secure content management system (CMS) nxrEdit offers all the advantages of a collaborative working tool, with user-rights management, as well as version control. Different outputs of the report – such as HTML, PDF, Print and mobile optimised versions – are created based on the individual layout and design. No additional typesetting is necessary to produce statutory hard cover reports.

Start reporting from a digital perspective.

Shell Sustainability Report 2016

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One report – different formats.

ProSiebenSat.1 Sustainability Report 2016

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METRO GROUP Corporate Responsibility Report 2015/16

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Changing the course.

HHLA Annual Report 2015

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Various report formats created from one CMS: Online, iPad app, PDF and Print (illustration)


Our content management system nxrEdit is exclusively used and developed in-house. The system allows for a quick implementation of online reports and is connected to various other nexxar programmes (e.g. for the creation of tables). After the integration of content, you can implement changes and amendments directly into the CMS.


From one and the same content source, we synchronise our framework solution and develop a native app for iOS and Android devices. Having your digital report available offline generates new possibilities for the user group.


The HTML version becomes the default reporting format. Structure, layout, imagery, tables, graphs and interactive content are all created, in order to best fit the various digital media channels. 


The PDF report is automatically generated from the content of the HTML version. The layout includes specific adjustments, such as corporate fonts, double text columns, title and chapter entry pages, a table of contents and a running head.


A few pre-defined modifications make the PDF version print-ready: pagination, designed cover page, and the adaptation of graphics and images. From your point of view, this means just one click. We take care of the rest, including the entire print process.

Which companies already implement Online First?

Trusting our expertise, so far 14 clients benefit from our Online First approach. A few examples of previously implemented reports:

Who is Online First made for?

Online First brings your reporting into the next century. It is for companies who want to be leaders in a digital world, by reducing their print runs – and for those who already work without a printed report. Above all, it is the right choice for a simplified reporting process, because we are able to cover each step, from the concept to the final (online) report, in-house.

Apart from annual reports, we also produce sustainability reports and other company publications like interim or half-year reports, complaints reports, customer experience reports, etc. Online First is suited for any company publication you would like to present to a broader audience.

We still need a print version. Why go for Online First?

You don’t have to choose between formats. There are advantages to both the Online First process and the classic print-based process. What makes the Online First process more preferable in comparison is the more efficient allocation of your investment. Stranded costs such as typesetting are eliminated and overhead is reduced by using our secure web access for easy editing and amendments. You only need to create and audit one version, which still offers lots of different outputs.

Additionally, the digital versions (online report and mobile apps) expand the global reach of your corporate message and provide interactive and memorable user experiences.

How does the Online First implementation work?

In three steps to the live report: concept – build – content. We’ll start by creating a suitable communication and design concept for your online corporate report, and continue with a screen and print design. While we build the framework of the report, the content selection on the client’s end proceeds in traditional ways, with the help of our consultants. The process is designed to perfectly suit your individual production needs, and takes advantage of our flexible and seamless CMS. Through a secure client access you can incorporate amendments and track changes.

Parallel to the online version we also work on the optimisation of the PDF output. When a print version is requested we will provide printers with everything they need and control print quality.