digital reporting evolved. digital reporting evolved.


We are fully devoted to corporate reporting. Since 2003 we have published more than 600 annual and sustainability reports, as HTML, PDF and printed versions. Our expertise has evolved from a purely digital to a holistic understanding of corporate communication.


The best commendation for our work is that most projects become long-term relationships. Our clients include more than 30 large international caps from different industries, such as chemical, financial, logistics or media.


We make sure that your report complies with the latest standards of design, user experience and media-specific requirements. Our team of consultants, project managers, graphic designers, web and software developers is focused on finding the ideal solution for each reporting format.

one source, several formats

we say
online first.

Content that is intended for the web, needs to be composed for the web.


all from one.

Online First enables you to create various reporting formats from one single source. Whatever the content, we provide the concept and design to fit for all report versions.


truly digital.

The HTML report becomes the default format, created to best fit the digital media channels.


responsive design.

Optimised solution through responsive layout with a possible additional native app with push notifications.


quick download.

Automatically generated from the HTML version, based on a pre-defined layout.


personal handout.

A few modifications make the web PDF print-ready.

multi-channel publishing.

Following the Online First approach, various report formats are generated from our content management system (nexxar.edit).

nexxar lab.

research. opinion. trends.


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