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The most innovative, fully-functional Chart Generator on the market, nexxar's Chart Generator will help you paint a story in one go.

Key figure comparison

Charts are the most useful way of packaging overwhelming information into a simple and easy-to-use format for interactive key-figure comparisons and for discerning trends in a dataset. Many corporate websites still provide the development of key figures in the form of simple tables. nexxar's Chart Generator is the most viable solution to this problem: a best-of-breed, intuitive and, most of all, interactive charting tool to easily visualize corporate KPIs.

SOLVAY Annual Integrated Report 2016

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Advantages and Functions.

The nexxar Chart Generator is a tool based on highcharts that enables stakeholders to easily get a quick overview of key performance indicators. Key figures can be either presented in a table or in a dynamic bar or line chart. It also has indexed view or direct-excel-download capabilities which further empower the audience to interact with the chart. In the end, your interactive charting tool will be:

The design of this interactive charting tool will be smoothly adjusted to your corporate design (CD) and easily integrated to your website or online report. By visualizing truly engaging information you will be able to synthesise and retain content more effectively, increasing its impact.

The Chart Generator will seamlessly provide you with your every business-critical figure. You will be able to easily categorise your key figures by type (economic, environmental, social, etc.) The Chart Generator also offers a submenu for key figures.

  • Instant build-up upon the first click.
  • Refining new selections simultaneously.
  • Multi-tab navigation.
  • Up to two value axis definable for each chart.
  • Indexed view: development in percent compared to other key figures.
  • Visualisation as stacked bar graphs.

Tailored Design.

The design of this interactive charting tool will be seamlessly adjusted to your corporate style and easily integrated to your website or online annual report. Interactive key-figure comparisons and options are implemented according to your individual needs. So in a nutshell: it is a tailored, bespoke solution. But not only that: it is also fun to interact with, unobtrusive and highly intuitive.

BASF Annual Integrated Report 2016


This tool offers several export functions. The tailor-made graphs and tables can be saved as images, HTML or Excel files. An additional printing option is also provided.


The nexxar Chart Generator will be implemented in JavaScript. Without use of Flash the Tool can also be viewed on mobile Apple devices, such as the iPad.

and timing.

We will help you set up a concept for your interactive charting tool regarding usability and key figure selection. Once the design has been approved, we will implement the required key figures by means of the Excel interface.

on website.

By means of an iframe, the Chart Generator can easily be implemented to any website. Alternatively, we offer stand-alone solutions for direct implementations.

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