we say online first.

Content that is intended for the web needs to be composed for the web. In order to ensure the best accessibility for your report we consider the online version first. Thus, at the push of a button, various report formats will be generated.

The Solvay 2016 Annual Integrated Report

Online First™: the fully responsive Solvay 2017 Annual Integrated Report.

one source, several formats.

Who says you have to choose between formats? Online First™ is a multi-channel publishing solution that fits all needs. From one source we create lots of different outputs such as HTML, PDF, print and mobile-optimised versions. No additional typesetting. Just the smartest and most cost-efficient allocation for your investment.

The Solvay 2017 Annual Integrated Report

Optimised for various media channels: the Online First™ PDF is generated from our own CMS.

how it works.

We create a suitable design concept for your report – a design concept that works across all channels. You only need to create and audit one version. Once we have transferred your input to our CMS the other outputs will be just a few clicks away.

an approach for you?

Online First™ is suitable for companies who want to put "digital" in reporting first. It is the right approach for those who want to simplify their reporting process with a seamless system and therefore reduce the stress levels across all reporting departments involved. Take a look at some of our Online First™ reports:

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Sustainability Report 2017

Annual Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017

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Sustainability Report 2015/2016

Corporate Resonsibility Report 2017

2017 Annual Integrated Report

Integrated Annual Report 2017

Financial Condition Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017

Corporate Responsibility Progress Report 2016/17

Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

Human Resources Report 2017

GRI Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017

case studies.

You can also get a deeper understanding of our Online First™ projects by having a look at the case studies in our lab or by browsing through the project examples below.