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Our teams

  • Project Management at nexxar

    We are the dynamic force in report management, guiding projects from concept to publication with finesse. With our expert advice and seamless coordination, we delight clients and meet their needs with precision. We are real project jugglers and handle the journey from start to finish, bringing a mix of humor and professionalism.

    With our technical expertise and curiosity, we manage processes and systems. Our hands-on approach results in a supportive environment, where we step up for one another in stressful moments, while continuously improving workflows and addressing even the smallest issues.

    • person on a video call with two other members of the project management team (Photo)
      Efficient internal communication is a must
    • looking over a project manager's shoulder at their three computer screens showing tools for project management (Photo)
      Our project management tools ensure high quality and process security
    • several people listening to a presentation about digital reporting (Photo)
      Presenting new designs, products and tools contributes to knowledge exchange
    • looking over a project manager's shoulder as they check a complex project timeline in excel (Photo)
      Detailed timelines are a must for successfull report projects
    • looking over a project manager's shoulder as they add content to a content management syste (Photo)
      Our clients and project managers work collaboratively on the reports in our CMS
  • Design at nexxar

    Web design is our burning passion! We are the creative wizards who sprinkle conceptual magic and whip up stunning design solutions. Working hand in hand with project managers and frontend developers, we transform visions into jaw-dropping realities. From concept to wireframes to final layouts, we handle every step of the creation process. Using Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Miro, we craft captivating screen designs for UX-based online reports and classic PDF projects.

    Motion Design at nexxar

    We are the design dynamos of nexxar and part of the Paradots team. Our mission? Making videos and animations pop! From animated info graphics to social media videos, we create dazzling visuals that leave jaws dropping. We have mastered change loops with precision and collaborate closely with the frontend team to explore the magic of motion elements. Armed with After Effects, Illustrator, and the mighty Adobe Creative Suite, we're here to rock your world with our motion design wizardry. Buckle up for a thrilling ride of visual delight!

    • two designers discussing a web design displayed on a computer screen (Photo)
      Discussing and developing designs with colleagues
    • closup of a handdrawn story board (Photo)
      Creating extensive storyboards for animated videos
    • looking over a designers shoulder as they check a design on several devices (Photo)
      Testing responsive design on different devices ensures the quality of our work
    • two designers discussing several elements on a mood board (Photo)
      Developing concepts and moodboards is one of our most creative and fun tasks
    • closeup of the video monitor during an interview for a reports magazine (Photo)
      Professional video shooting in our office
    • looking over a designers shoulder as they finalize graphics showing graphs (Photo)
      Creating charts and graphs for the digital report and the PDF
    • looking over a motion designers shoulder as they computer animate (Photo)
      Working on an animated clip for a Social Media video
    • shot of a person being interviewed from behind the camera (Photo)
      Video and sound testing allows a smooth and quick production
  • Backend Development at nexxar

    We are the guardians of our Online First™ strategy, entrusted with the mighty task of managing our content management system (CMS). Picture us as the code tamers rebuilding and enhancing the backbone of our processes, like true CMS warriors.

    In our agile environment, we're on a quest for progressive integration and the implementation of exciting new features. With a blend of creativity, software expertise, and a healthy dose of pragmatism, we're here to conquer software projects with ease.

    Infrastructure at nexxar

    We are the main point of contact for all technical requests from any team. Our love for Linux on the command line helps us to master challenging problems quickly and precisely. We keep our servers and services running and are responsible for supporting our LAN.

    We are the irreplaceable backbone of all our systems. We independently analyse our administration processes, implement our own solutions and optimise them using a wide range of script tools - always with the necessary eye on confidentiality, availability and integrity of the data to be processed.

    • looking at colorful code over the shoulder of a programmer (Photo)
      Behind the scenes: fine tuning a complex algorithm
    • looking over a programmers shoulder at the agile managing software (Photo)
      Constantly striving for agility: our sprints always have interesting names
    • infrastructrure expert checking vitals of our servers displayed on a computer screen (Photo)
      The CMS is developed, monitored and updated in-house
    • person in hat plugging in cables on a server (Photo)
      Maintaining our server hardware on-premise
    • person with hat adjusting a multitude of cables on a server (Photo)
      Managing our networks
    • closeup of a person fixing laptop wiring (Photo)
      End user devices are maintained and serviced in-house
    • Our systems are monitored 24/7/365 for a spotless security coverage
  • Frontend Development at nexxar

    We are the maestros of screen layouts, bringing them to life with awe-inspiring artistry. Whether we are giving existing projects a stunning makeover or birthing new creations from scratch, our skills are bound to leave you gobsmacked.

    Collaborating seamlessly with our nexxar comrades from project management and design, we whip up innovative reports that ignite inspiration in our clients. Together with our backend counterparts, we form an unstoppable force, infusing our digital reports with revolutionary features that set new standards.

    • looking over a web developers shoulder at web code (Photo)
      Developing and maintaining JavaScript features for our reports
    • closeup of a block of css (Photo)
      Crafting reusable, mobile-first CSS code
    • looking over the shoulder of a web developer checking a mock up of their responsive design (Photo)
      All our designs are developed mobile-first
    • a designer and a web developer discuss implementation of a design (Photo)
      Coordinating and discussing design possibilites with our Design colleagues
    • looking past a web developer explaining implementation of a design (Photo)
      Discussing the technical feasibility of designs
  • Process Development at nexxar

    Call us true Excel® aficionados! We oversee all digital corporate publishing processes with precision and finesse. By crafting custom tools within our system architecture, we refine operations efficiently and securely.

    During report implementation, we master the art of working with text and tables, especially in the peak season from February to April. With Excel as our trusty companion, we ensure impeccable data integrity and accuracy, earning us the title of reliable troubleshooters.

    • a person with green hair sits infront of four computer screens with desings, excel files, code and a task list (Photo)
      Ensuring that input from different sources comes together nicely
    • closeup of a person looking at html code and JSON blocks on two computer screens (Photo)
      Polishing our reports, so they can shine online
    • two people, one with glasses one with a cap, discussing table implementation (Photo)
      Discussing the best approach for a process enhancement
    • closup of hands with pink nails on a laptop keyboard (Photo)
      Freely choose your working environment and nail colour
    • looking over the shoulders of two people discussing graphs and numbers for a project (Photo)
      Statistically size DOES matter
  • People Team at nexxar

    We, as the People team, play an essential behind-the-scenes role, orchestrating the processes that drive our organization forward. From talent acquisition to creating a flexible and supportive work environment, we ensure our teams are well-equipped for success.

    Our Office Management is the backbone of our smooth-running office, making everything possible – from keeping our workspace charmingly adorned with plants to ensuring a steady supply of coffee that keeps our dedicated nexxarians energized. Together, we create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    • looking in on a job interview in a conference room (Photo)
      Organizing our teams and interviewing new candidates
    • a person listening to a presentation of employee development and recruiting (Photo)
      Finding the right people to join our team takes time and effort
    • closeup of someone watering a plant with a white watering can (Photo)
      A host of volunteers keep an eye out for our greenery
    • our office manager ordering coffee off of a website for the office (Photo)
      Keeping our pantries stocked with coffee is essential

Seasonal work

We thrive on the ebb and flow of seasons. Our teams face a peak season, where we tackle challenges head-on and push our professional limits. The low season allows us to deepen our strengths, explore new passions, and enjoy extended time off.

  • Oct-Dec: Pre-season

    High-time for concept, design, development of new report stories and project prep. Probably our most creative time of the year.

  • Jan-Mar: Peak season

    Our core production time, where we implement >70% of all our reports. Firing on all cylinders, we manage to break new records every year.

  • Apr-Jun: Late season

    Time to cool down, tie a bow on the last few projects and review our accomplishments. And start to plan our low season!

  • Jul-Sep: Low season

    Time to reflect on our achievements, improve our agency and processes and start some early designs. And of course enjoy the sunshine and extended time off.

Side effects (aka benefits)

  • Social animals

    We’ve got a cool new office, at least 10 events per year and the best team to party with! You've got an idea for a new party? We love to contribute.

  • Flexwork

    9 to 5 or not: we’ll work with your circadian rhythm. All-in contracts? Thanks, but no thanks! Feeling adventurous and want to work from abroad? We've got the framework to make it happen.

  • Money, money, money

    Once you join us, we equip you with a job ticket that chauffeurs you through Vienna. Plus, we're not just focused on the present – we voluntarily boost your pension funds for the future. To spice things up, there's a chance to enjoy and even cook mouth-watering free lunch in our office.

  • Stay healthy

    We've got your well-being covered! Enjoy access to many gyms across Vienna, virtual workout courses and take part in yoga sessions to nurture your mind and body. And if you're up for some muddy fun, join your colleagues in a thrilling dirt run.

Get on board

While our jobs can be challenging and stressful at times, we always take care of our newbies. You’ll get to know the fun sides of the job and the more complex tasks within the first 4 weeks. Our internal documentation is top-notch, with written and video tutorials and we all pride ourselves on being very approachable. Additionally you’ll be assigned a “buddy” during your first year, with whom you’ll have daily or weekly check-ins - whatever works for you both.

Watch the interview with our people lead Stefan about our recruiting and onboarding process and how we make sure that our new employees get the best possible start at nexxar.

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