Our culture

This is what it looks and feels like to work with us.

We work in a positive and vibrant environment by celebrating and acknowledging our successes and appreciating all the hard work of our team members. Collaboration is at the core of our culture, as we actively help and support one another throughout our projects. We value individuality and recognize that each team member brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to our workplace.

We are
dedicated professionals

We are dedicated professionals

person with short brown hair working in multi desk space (Photo)
three persons in short sleeves working on a solution over a quick coffee in the kitchen (Photo)
person in a head scarf thinking in a meeting (Photo)
person with headphones in a client video call (Photo)


client satisfaction
(out of 5)

person in white t-shirt infront of a wall with sticky notes in a strategy meeting (Photo)
long haired person working at a computer seen through two computer screens (Photo)
bunches of colorful cables running from the ceiling to different places (Photo)
blonde person in a phone booth presenting in a client call (Photo)
two people recording a video interview with professional camera and lighting (Photo)
person holding a video job interview in a conference room (Photo)
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We are social animals

three people in a kitchen scene laughing at a shared story (Photo)
two nexxarians dj-ing at the nexxar christmas party (Photo)
closup of the mixing console with the hand of the dj visible (Photo)
groups of people sitting on beer benches outside at the nexxar summer fest (Photo)

10 +

team events
per year

several people chatting over drinks on the large yellow sofa (Photo)
person with glasses supporting one of the office dogs in their barketing work (Photo)
person with pineapple glasses at our yearly stratefy meeting infront of a post-it wall (Photo)
several people engaged in a bubble footbal match (Photo)
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We are plant lovers

entry space to our office with several tall, lush plants (Photo)
large palm seen through a glass wall with reflections of the office windows (Photo)
closeup of a person watering a philodendron with a white watering can (Photo)
cropped shot of a strelizia and its reflection in a conference room screen (Photo)

28 +

plants, and
growing ;)

metal shelf with several trailing plants on it (Photo)
two people in a meeting on the yellow couch seen through tree leaves (Photo)
person walking infront of a palm tree (Photo)
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We are foodies

closeup of an espresso coming out of the tradional coffe machine (Photo)
view of the terrace through the kitchen window with herbs in the foreground (Photo)


leisure, lunch and
party space (yay!)

our kitchen and hang-out space with a yellow sofa, lots of light and plants (Photo)
closeup of several bowls of food topped with crumbled feta (Photo)
cropped photo of a fancy plate of hummus and bread (Photo)
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