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focus on online annual reports and online sustainability reports

nexxar is dedicated to the conception and implementation of online reports. Since the company’s founding in 2003, we have published more than 600 HTML reports – primarily online annual reports. As one of the internationally leading agencies for digital corporate reporting, we serve clients from all across Europe and beyond. With a high degree of precision and sophisticated processes, we are specialised in the needs and requirements of corporations.

Our focus areas:

  • Online annual reports
  • Online sustainability reports
  • Online interim reports
  • Online staff reports

Here you can find examples of current online reports by nexxar.

Features for HTML reports

At nexxar we set a strategic focus on innovation. Many technologies and features that are today among the standards of interactive reports were developed or significantly influenced by us in the past. The scope of our services stretches from the mobile-optimised annual report with responsive design, to the chart generator that enables the interactive presentation of key figures.

Here you can find a list of all features in our online reports.

Multi-channel publishing with Online First

Corporate reports are mostly read on screen these days. With our multi-channel publishing approach “Online First”, companies put the online report in the foreground of their publication strategy. Report concept, storyline, graphics and contents are thereby primarily designed and optimised for the display on screens. With the multi-channel principle, other report formats can be generated and synchronised from the online report at any time (e.g. a PDF or print version). In doing so, format-specific features (justification, multiple columns) and print style guides can be easily taken into consideration. Behind Online First, there is a full-fledged content management system that enables companies to work collaboratively on report projects.

Find out more about our Online First approach.