Integrated reporting at its best

BASF’s annual report is more than just numbers – it’s a reflection of their dedication to innovation and sustainability with the slogan “Rethinking chemistry”.

As a returning customer for years, BASF has placed its trust in nexxar once again, and the result speaks for itself: a sleek integrated report in blue, spiced up with videos, pictures, micro-animations and a key figures comparison – just to mention only a few of the highlights.

  • Process

  • Services we provided

    • Consulting
    • Design concept
    • Programming
  • Features

    • Key figures comparison
    • Glossary
    • Interactive GRI index and back-linking
    • Tag manager
    • Interactive graphics
See it live

Landing page

You make a first impression only once – that’s why the landing page of the report is a real eye-catcher. The cheerful header video makes the user want to see more, the informative CEO video gives an overview of the most important developments of the year, and the animated icons and KPIs make the factual conent snackable. Topics such as “Strategy”, “Transformation”, and “Sustainability” are put in the spotlight on the landing page as well, underpinned by clickable graphics, videos, and pictures containing scenes from the everyday life at BASF.

Material topics

Get a deeper understanding of what drives BASF with their “In focus”-stories, spread throughout the whole report. They lend it a personal touch, concentrating on environmental and social topics.

Interactive infographics

The business model is at the heart of the report and sums up the most important activities and goals of BASF in one interactive graphic. The facts and figures are loosened up by clickable icons and elements. The model enables BASF to communicate the complex information of its business activities in an easily understandable way. Other complex information, such as water consumption or the transformation along the value chain, is also explained in other interactive graphics in the report in an illustrative way and enriched with detailed information.

Long partnership

BASF was a pioneer in integrated reporting and also one of the first DAX companies with a fully digital report. The company has been working with nexxar since 2007. The digital report has constantly been re-invented and supplemented with new features, which partly still exist – for example the Chart Gallery, our first interactive Value Creation model or a read-aloud function for the online report.


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