Beiersdorf is FUTURE. READY.

Beiersdorf puts its employees and the future at the centre of the 2023 annual report. Thanks to powerful and interactive digital storytelling, topic filtering options, video content, animations, and intuitive links, users can easily navigate throughout the whole report. This contemporary approach is complemented by a multichannel communication strategy.

As Workiva Enhanced Design Partner we create the report PDF within the world’s leading cloud platform for assured integrated reporting. At nexxar we directly connect Workiva (Wdesk) with our digital reports and manage the design process within the platform (PDF and online).

  • Process

  • Services we provided

    • Consulting
    • Design concept & programming
    • Motion design
    • Hosting
    • PDF design
    • DMS support
  • Features

    • Tag manager
    • Key figures comparison
    • Glossary
    • Sticky tag
    • Magazine
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Disclosure Management System (DMS)

To increase data integrity and streamline processes, Beiersdorf is using Workiva as reporting system. Our team of certified Workiva designers and project managers supports Beiersdorf in real-time within the platform. We bring the design in the Wdesk document, and make sure that all styles and formats are implemented correctly. We also design high-end visual story pages and all graphics.

Storytelling on social media

The report focuses on engaging storytelling designed for a multichannel approach. Online, the highlights of the business year are enriched with videos accompanied by a social media campaign. It extends the communication around the report, generates more attention for its various sections, and reaches a broader stakeholder base.


Topic filters serve as an additional navigation layer to enhance user experience: Selected pages are tagged with topics, allowing the user to jump directly to its topics of interest.


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